Saturday, February 5, 2011

Speaking Out

Well, friends, I have been gone for two long. Forgive my absence from the blog that began my blogging experience :)

There is so much I can tell you about. And a lot of it involves raising the shout and speaking out. Or just speaking in general.

Where to begin? Well, lets start with blog numero dos. Speaking for the Silent. Instead of trying to balance my personal life experiences as well as photography and orphan care, etc., I've designed a little blog/community/movement specifically for my orphan advocacy efforts. There's a parallel  Facebook Page that has a little badge up at the top of the sidebar on the blog, and I'll probably add it here too. Thank You to all who follow me here who have found the blog and followed that or Liked it on Facebook. It's so uplifting and encouraging to see other people raising the shout!

I also had the privilege of going down to the March for Life down in Washington D.C. This event commemorates the legalization of abortion, and people go on the anniversary (January 22, but this year it was the 24th since the 22nd was a Saturday) to support the sanctity of all human life. This is about the coolest Pro-Life event EVER and brings in tens and even hundreds of thousands of people. I always leave on a bus the night before at Midnight and sleep the way down. You get breakfast at about quarter to 5, and then go to Mass at 7 at St . Peter's Catholic Church. People of all denominations go together, to unite with other pro-lifers and hear one of the Catholic Bishops in D.C. give an awesome and encouraging sermon before sending us on to the Day's activities. The group I stick with always goes from there to the Capitol building, where a group of Pro-Life leaders of all denominations go to hold a prayer service together. While it takes many people to orchestrate, the two chief speakers are always Reverend Rob Schenk, President of Faith and action Ministries, and Father Frank Pavone, who is a Pro-Life activist in every meaning of the word. It's ALWAYS an awesome event and there are always great orators speaking for Life.

The March itself is always powerful because so many people  are there having a great time supporting Life. It's a powerful sight I relish seeing every year.

Speaking has affected all people in all ages, and this is also clear in a great movie I have seen recently. The King's Speech, starring Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoferrey Rush, is an awesome movie about overcoming obstacles and true friends. for anyone who can see it and ignore the slight profanity the King had to use to overcome his stammer, it is truly well-made and well acted.

So what have I learned from all of these events? Well, managing three blogs (including Hope for Every Child) can be tough. :D But if you have the drive to raise the shout and fight fro the cause, it's all worth it.

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