Monday, June 6, 2011

Writer's Block (retrospect)

It's 12:34 A.M. according to my Computer's clock. I've finished a long day of school. Wrapping up what has been far less than an "usual" or "Normal" year in academics. What with starting an orphan advocate blog that has skyrocketed far beyond my wildest dreams, traveling to a foreign country for the first time, adopting my first little sister to have an extra 21st chromosome and the usual speed of life, this is one time I can say I'm more than enjoying homeschooling. You can form your schedule to what you can fit while still getting a quality, custom-made education. 

And while all this has happened, I still remember that my internet writer's genesis all comes back here to Swimming AGAINST the Tide. We're approaching a year of "swimming" metaphorically. If you had put the person I am today in another body and put me in a conversation with my old self, so much has changed. I'm still the same old Caleb the Christian Teen who puts his pants on one leg at a time, eats his breakfast, does his schoolwork and goes to youth events and the movies. But If you had put my gigantic rock of a camera in my lap last June, I would have looked at you like you had nine heads. If you told me I would be spending 1-5 hrs. a day on orphan-related charity work, I would have thought my not-so-evil twin had suddenly appeared from nowhere (no worries. I am NOT and never WAS a twin ;) ). A year ago, I can honestly say that I thought it was enough to pray daily and live against the negative influence found in most of what modern culture expects/demands of us. I still think that's important. But now it's only a part of the picture. If Faith without deeds really is dead as I believe, actions for those God is closest to is a natural part of the process.

It's funny to think back on these things. Maybe it's the change  I feel inside. Maybe it's because of the many great things I see in the future.

But oddly enough, I have to chalk it up to two things tonight: God (obviously) and serious writer's block.

I sat down about 3 days ago to write a post on the trap love of material things catches us in. Originally I sat down tonight to write a post about Friendship. But after a while, what is normally the blur of my hands moving across the keyboard in inspirational hyperspeed (hence the endless typos) became unsure jabs at buttons. Revision. Deletion. Etc. So as I tried to think of something to write when the words stopped coming, I remembered the song "3:41 A.M. (Writer's Block)" By MercyMe, a song essentially about realizing that if you're using your talents for God, your inspiration isn't owed by a pinhead to you. It's all about God speaking through and inspiring you. So the result of that was this: typing about my frustration and remembering times when it has come MUCH easier and writing a small novel about how I have Writer's Block.

And hear we are. We've remembered, we've laughed, and most importantly, given up my Plans and let God inspire a MUCH better post. Hallelujah :)