Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Never Know

You could win the lottery tomorrow.

You never know.

A thought that passes through your head could turn into a world-changing movement.

You never know.

You could hear God speak to you tomorrow.

You never know.

All of these thoughts have run through my head in the last 24 hours. Alright, maybe that one about the lottery didn't, but you catch my drift. You never know what will happen in your life, and God has shown me that in the past two days.

Maybe it reaches even farther back than just the last two days. Maybe more like the last two months.

When I started Speaking for the Silent a couple months back, I had a couple of friends willing to support it, but I think most just didn't get it, didn't see my posts about it, or just didn't care. Did it annoy me that I couldn't find a support group among the people I called my "Friends?" Yes. But I new that I was doing something for God, and tough as it was, God would bring my friends around when the time was right if it was his will. did it always feel good? No. But I knew that deep down it was all about patience.

Things took a turn for the best in the weirdest way. A friend of mine posted a nice little hello on my Facebook wall, and I quickly signed on and started talking. As we talked, I mentioned all I had been trying to do to help orphans out. He suddenly took a profound interest in what I was talking about, and his eyes were opened wide to the plight of the voiceless that night.  He started supporting what  I was doing and asking to keep filled in on all things orphan.

Things only got weirder (in a God way) a couple days later when Speaking for the Silent's followers on blogger and Facebook began to spike. 5 people suddenly joined on. I put out a little request on my Facebook asking anyone who wanted to help orphans to like the page so we could maybe hit 50 followers. Shortly thereafter one of my friends who had been kind enough to support me from the beginning put out a request on his Facebook asking anyone of his friends who cared to like the page. Now, a little disclaimer: If you want to friend me on Facebook, I wholeheartedly invite you to. I love getting in touch with anyone who wants to have a nice chat. But because I am new and am very sensitive to not friending people who use obscenity or post inappropriate content, I don't friend someone because I just know them: I friend someone because they're genuine. My friend, however, has found a LOT of genuine people, 600 of 'em. compared to my little 40 friends. This was HUGE. We passed the 50 likes marker and busted through 60 as well. We're now sitting pretty at 68 combined followers on Facebook alone. And the amazing thing was that many of them were friends of mine. And they shared it with their friends. Ripple affect, to be sure.

In hindsight, all it took was trust in God and trust in the people I care about. And all of my impatience and annoyance was for naught. My point is, God HAS got great things in store for you. And its just a matter of waiting and trust. And in the end, you're friends may or may not come through for you. And if, like me, they do, then mazzeltoff! And if they don't, well, you have one awesome heavenly friend that's Liking every breath you take on earth :) 

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  1. Hi Caleb! I'm "Kit-Kat" Well my name is Kaitlyn. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! It was nice of you! I love your "Fighting Againest the Tide" theme you have! It's really great! I will follow your blog & you are welcomed to follow mine. God Bless you. -Kaitlyn