Friday, December 10, 2010

Seriously Happening

Well ,people, the date draws so near. I've already got all my packing together. I'll be bringing:

This rather large pile of clothes (for a guy at least. I'd HATE to be a teenage girl trying to pack :D)

These two awesome movies (plus Inception on the way and Lord of the Rings, which my dad has over there now :D)

This AWESOME camera bag to store:

                                       One compact camera (for videos I know you'll love :)

                                        One ultra-zoom lens (seriously ultra. Want to see? click here

                                   My awesome DLSR

                                     Plus a strap and my two battery chargers. (of course my laptop as well, but since I'm using it and its just a computer I won't show a picture)

Me and my Dad leave on the 18th Godwilling. So many emotions course through me. I am so excited. So amazed that God has brought us this far, this smoothly. We are seriously reaching the end. I'll finally have somewhere new to cut my photographing teeth on. As I've mentioned in my last post, this is my first international trip, and honestly I can't think of a better one to start with. For me, I've always wanted to see and better  understand the cultures my adopted siblings come from, and this really is a unique and amazing experience.

But another part of me thinks of other things. Right now,  it's about the Hook Family. The Hooks have been in the process for over a year now, and they're still waiting to bring their adorable little Eva Noel home. As I share all of our happy news with them, I can't help but bleed for them. I so pray and hope that God would bring Eva home soon.

I'm going to Eastern Europe in 8 days? Whoosh.


  1. Oh Caleb - I am just so happy for all of you!!! I so hope I get the opportunity to meet you!!!!

  2. Lucky! I soo want to be back in EE.... My parents are over there right now, (well now it's just mom)(, but I was there earlier this summer on a mission trip, and I want to go back! :)