Sunday, August 8, 2010

Begining the Fight

Recently, I saw a commercial on TV. It was for an "Endless" Personal indoor pool. The thing was just long enough for someone's body lengthwise, and it had a bar at one end you could hold onto as a current of water was propelled at you (making it one "endless" lap). To me, it seemed like a perfect example of what our culture doesn't want you to do: swim against a tide. We're living in a world in which culture has no room for uniqueness or difference of beliefs; we're supposed to go with the crowd, no matter how dumb/dangerous/wrong it seems (or is). The ideas of the past (like Christianity or Morality) are now obsolete. And to that I say...


God is still calling us to be his children. To love him, to fight for our beliefs, to do what he taught us, no matter how "Uncool" we look to most of society.

Welcome to the fight. Welcome to my blog. Let's start fighting the tide.

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