Sunday, August 29, 2010

How blest we are with His Word

Over at Shining City Teens, my buddy Tori has been blogging about her experiences evangelizing in Peru. I can tell you from talking with her that It's every bit as amazing as she cracked it up to be. On that trip and in her latest post, Tori talked about how she realized the true hope and wonder of the Gospel. This weekend, I experienced it in my own way

This weekend has been quite productive. Not in a crazy way, but as compared to my normal lounging, swimming, and/or relaxing summer weekends, I kept myself a little busier. On Saturday, my church accommodated some Migrant workers who had five children ready for Baptism and one girl celebrating her Quincinyeta (It's a coming-of-age ceremony in the Spanish community that celebrates the girl's turning 15, as well as dedication to God to live a holy life). The proceedings consisted of celebrating mass, during which all these things took place. It was clear to see these people were so happy to have a church to celebrate these events in. They seemed so happy to hear the Gospel as well. I got the feeling that it was something that kept their spirits up. A lot of them probably don't have that much money, and I can't imagine travelling around the country to scrape together enough money to make a living. At the end when Father Oliver (our parish priest) encouraged them to come back anytime or as much as they could, they applauded him. It made me realize how thankful I should be that I have everything  I do, and that I have two parents who can get me and my siblings to Mass every week. 

Which brings on the next instance. Today was obviously Sunday. So, like every Sunday, my family wakes up early and we all go to Church together. As I thought about the day before, I realized how blessed I am to hear God-inspired words every Sunday. What amazing messages it holds. Even the Psalms, which aren't even part of the gospel ,are amazing to read. Knowing that King David, one of the greatest servants of God, had struggles and experiences just like yours can be both comfort and counsel.

So my point? Next time you're sitting in church, reading your Bible, helping on a mission trip or whatever, remember how blessed we are to have the Gospel. Don't just look at it as some smart people saying smart things; look at it as God's word directly to you and those around you. Look at how it can save,change, and renew faith and lives.

"The Word is alive, and it cuts like a sword through the darkness, with a message of life to the hopeless and afraid. The Word is alive, and the world and its glories will fade, but His truth it will not pass away. It remains yesterday and forever the same, the Word is alive."

Casting Crowns, "The Word is Alive"      

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