Monday, August 9, 2010

Inception- As dreamy as it seems?

So as a general disclaimer to y'all, I AM NOT opposed to all levels of culture, just the ones that Jesus would have taught us not to follow or buy into. I still shop at my local mall, wear normal clothes and read lots of mainstream books. I also see LOTS of movies. My recent gold mine came in a package called Inception.

While I hadn't mustered the courage as a 13 year old to see Dark Knight in theaters, I had greatly enjoyed Batman Begins when it came out on DVD. I found the reality and morale the story carried incredibly compelling and intriguing, so naturally when I saw and read about Inception my interest piqued. It certainly sounded interesting. Let's give a story rundown (this may contain some minor spoilers, though so readers beware).

"It allows you to build whole Cathedrals, things that could never exist." So says Dom Cobb to his mentor about the dream worlds he makes his living off invading. But Cobb knows better than anyone what can and can't be done in these alter realities. All that reminds him of what's real and what's not is a little top that will only stop spinning in the real world that reminds him what world isn't a figment of his imagination. Cobb hires himself out to major corporate powers, stealing their competitor's secrets from their subconscious mind (otherwise known as Extraction), in hopes they can clear up some issues that keep him from seeing his two little kids, Phillipa and James. When Cobb and his best pal Arthur botch a job and end up being hired out by the person they were sent to extract information from, they're given a big challenge: instead of extracting and idea, planting one. In turn, Cobb can go him Scott-free and raise his kids. Cobb needs to assemble and prep a team ASAP, and they need to seize a small window of opportunity to perform their job. But if one thing goes wrong as they descend multiple layers of subconsciousness, they could end up in in a mental void, unable to wake up. Will they perform Inception successfully?

Right off the bat, I LOVED this movie, the special effects, action, story, and characters all made for a summer masterpiece. But one thing pokes you the whole movie: how, just how far, would you go to achieve the greater good? In order to perform Inception, the team has to spew lies like a train would smoke. In order to wake up if no one else can, you have to commit suicide, kind of making it seem insignificant ( most of the time the characters think twice before they do though).

So in the end, Is it worth seeing? Totally. But just remember two of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not lie and thou shalt not kill. Remember that, and then become entranced in the world of Inception :)

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