Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camp Veritas- Part 5

So Thursday was pretty uneventful. Our Usual schedule ensued, but we had a couple events that were exciting.

(this pic wasn't taken that day, but It's a good picture of us) One of my greatest mentors, Fr. Luke Sweeney, the Vocations Director (or counselor) for my Archdiocese arrived that day. Very spiritual, very friendly, and a great teacher.

The Rock Wall. Yes, that lunatic at the top is, indeed, yours truly. The rock wall can only be compared to the climb that is your life's journey . At times your extremely confident and know exactly where you're going . And at other times, you have to stretch to find the next foot or handhold even if you're scared. And once you get to the top, It's all so worth it.

(Forgive my slightly crummy picture quality. Neon lights don't like my camera :) )

My pals the Kids (Mike and his wife Heather) gave a testimony to their marriage that night at our second pool party of the week. Such a beautiful marriage is .:)

Then came Friday. We all knew it was our last day, and there was a bitter sweetness in the air already. That didn't stop us from having some fun though.


This was, bluntly put, a TOTAL BLAST! so much fun, and totally worth it.

From there, the day went pretty normally. Some fun sports and good times. That night though, is probably THE REASON the week is so amazing. That night, Fr. Sweeney took the Eucharist in the monstrance and stood face to face with us, Jesus Christ literally in his hands. Before that, they read the reading from the Gospel where a woman with deep physical afflictions was healed simply by touching the tassel on Jsus' cloak. To have The Eucharist directly in front of you was amazing. Anyone would tell you had they been in that room that there was something heavenly in there. All i did was look at the Eucharist. Didn't touch it, breathe on it, anything, and I knew God was there. After that,  I went to confession one more time before the end of the week. I really felt complete and clean and like I was in union with God, if only for a little bit. After that, we sang some praise and worship before heading to the Basketball court for the talent show. Before that though, I helped get the chapel ready for accommodating our parents tomorrow. After that,  I dropped by my cabin and picked up my guitar from my cabin and got a pepsi on my way there.   

Allow me to give you some background on Talent night at Veritas; the first year, I did the whole thing completely on the fly on my own. I think I truly DID NOT realize what  I was getting myself into. I became the "guitar guy from Camp Veritas" When I came back the next year, everyone begged me to get back up there. This year it was a little different. With our camp at it's biggest size yet, talent night was gonna be strictly group skits. I still managed to get my guitar in though. As I walked across the court to the performing area, people screamed, called my name, and applauded me. It felt so awesome  I was in shock. I rallied up the crowd and my group rocked our performance. While we did great and I got my usual back-slaps and "good job"s, My sister's group really stole the night and rocked Salve Regina (love you sis!) 

We hung out for a little bit before it was bedtime. Tomorrow was our last day, and I sure wasn't ready for the excitement that would bring either... 

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