Saturday, August 21, 2010

Camp Veritas- Part 1

Hello All! I'm back and feeling very renewed and rejuvenated. But before I tell you about my experience, I should tell you about the camp itself.

Camp Veritas had its 1st year back in 2008 (which I attended!). It was the brain child of a guy named Ryan Young. Ryan had seen slowly but surely his entire family (he's one of 9, yes 9 kids and their parents!) came to a deep, fond, and devout relationship with Christ. But he realized that God had done that for a reason, and felt like that reason was Veritas, a camp where kids could be enriched and educated in the Catholic Faith  (the Camp gets it name from the Latin word for truth). To start out with, Ryan had about nothing besides his vision and his family's support. Slowly but surely, He gathered up a handful of counselors, about 60 campers and a beautiful campsite to rent out for a week. I found out about it through a small ad they put in my school's newsletter (that year I was in a Catholic school). To be honest, at first I did NOT want to go. If the kids were anything like the "Catholic" kids I had met at my school, there certainly wasn't going to be any kids who thought of their faith like I did. But after thinking and praying, I decided I'd give it a shot. To say the least, I think I entered a portal into earthly Utopia, maybe even tasted Heaven. I made lots of friends, fit in perfectly, and am still friends with most of them today. I got up the courage to perform at our talent show, and everyone who's seen me perform wants me to perform again. The amazing feelings  I came back with got me through a tough year of losing the school  I was gonna go to, the lows and highs of an adoption process, and losing a pro-life leader at the head of our government. When I came back to camp, I experienced an amazing healing and utter skyrocket into faith at new heights, and all levels of my life. So this year, I was SO excited to come back and see all my friends and regroup spiritually again. and so, over the next couple posts, the story shall begin......  

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