Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My world

So far, I've done two posts (two very good posts in my humble opinion :) ) I've covered the main purpose of this blog, and one of my favorite art forms (film) Now, I figured it was high time I more formally introduced myself.

This is me! I'm a pretty simple teenager trying to live for God and spread his message through the life I live. I'm pretty bookwormy, love going to a good movie, Playing my guitar (performing is something I'm getting comfortable with as well!), and helping take care of my family's three-year-old tornado (more on him in a sec).

This is my little sis. My best buddy. We'll do anything from talk about life to see a movie together to read the same book to try the other one's musical tastes. Having a teenage sibling when you're a teenager rocks :)

This is my little bro. My oscar-winning actor, my comedian, the fun-lover. We'll wrestle around in the pool, go see movies together (a trend that runs in the family), play outside, and other fun boy stuff like that :)

And now let the adopted generation begin! This was our first adopted addition from Guatemala, and boy did she open our hearts to it! (read on to find out why)

This is him! Our family baby from Ethiopia, home just over a year, and a 3 year old package of adventure! Hysterically daring, surprisingly sassy, and incredibly cute.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, my two loving parents. These two have obviously had a pretty strong 16 1/2 years together to bring 6 kids into the world/out of a third-world country. which brings us to-

Jenny! This is our little baby We are bringing home from Eastern Europe! To follow the adoption more closely, visit Hope4everychild.blogspot.com

So that's the Fam! they'll all make their appearances at some point, and they mean SO much to me.

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