Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the Not Too Distant Future...

So good news for those of you following our adoption! Our paperwork is safely in Eastern Europe and is being processed! This means we could start this travelling extravaganza mid-November and have her home by Mid- December God willing! This is majorly exciting! And on another hand, it's made the resolution on the picture of life (and you wonder why my prized possession is my camera) come into focus some more.

I'm actually gonna be in Eastern Europe (yes, I hate not getting to tell you the actual country as well). I knew I was gonna be on a plane for 12 hours give or take. I knew I was gonna be over there for about 6 weeks or so getting our sweet Jen out of her old life (on paper and mentally) so she could transition into the new one awaiting her in the U.S. But then, my mental lens focused when I didn't expect it to.

I'm gonna be thousands, maybe even millions of miles away from the town I've grown up in since I was 7 1/2. I'm gonna be LIVING in Eastern europe. SMELLING Eastern Europe. TASTING Eastern Europe. Hearing it. We will probably be there in a season of perpetal snow (and this boy from the 9 month arctic of NY says Yeah!), where we will be driven at 90 mph through the snowy roads to get to her orphanage. Jenny will probably flow with most things, but eventually she's gonna wonder "What the heck are these two people who I don't really know doing with me?"

and oh, yeah...

This isn't some far-off dream anymore. This is serious reality here. She'll be home soon God willing. I know no amount of pictures or anything is gonna prepare me for the gut-wrenching sights that await my oblivious eyes in that tiny little place known as a Eastern European Orphanage. But I'm more than excited; this is gonna be a new experience for me.

In a very short while, 
I will have gone miles, 
and miles away from my home.

My ears will hear sounds,
my eyes see small towns, 
All over the country that holds
My new little sister, 
and, oh, how we've missed her
More than she'll ever know. 

We'll wrap her and hold her,
where love will enclose her,
and she can be safe and sound.

And home we will come, 
To where all begun and 
Jenny will finally  be ours.

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