Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yet ANOTHER crazy weekend (Sound familiar?)

Well, School keeps me busy. My weekends? They're quiet, but quiet doesn't mean "Not Crazy" either. It just means I'm not partying it up or anything. Instead, there are plenty of quiet little activities.

My weekend begins Friday night. Hangin' out @ the house, going to Academy (like CCD or Sunday School on Friday Nights), or going to a Youth Group at a local Bible Church, or seeing a movie,I always try to do something. This Friday exceeded the normal craziness. We had some family up from Georgia visiting, so we would see them that night, then I would go to Academy at 4, and then, a little something special. The local Veteran Association was going to have some soldiers from Walter Reed (the military hospital. Like, badly wounded to the point they will never go back into war again)up for the weekend to have a little vacation with their families. The local Knights of Columbus were going to have people lining the streets leading to the Hotel where they'd be staying, and we found out through a knight who goes to our church where to stand. The academy group headed over right after to join the festivities.

Well, friends, I can tell you one thing: we were certainly quite a roadside spectacle :D It was a great time, and we all enjoyed getting to talk while we waited to welcome 5 men who have given their lives for a greater cause.

Saturday was relatively quiet. I did, however, see this in the theaters:

I've gotta say, I was very pleasantly surprised by this 3D kid's movie. I really enjoyed it! The story could be put into the following math equation: Owls+Narnia+ Lord of the Rings+ well done 3D= satisfying Saturday popcorn flick with a good story to it :D After that it was a last-minute babysitting job at a neighbor's. It's really more like a house-sitting job since the baby sleeps like a rock, but its money in my pocket and a private study hall, so I can't complain.

Sunday was Sunday Mass. After that, I was expecting to have the day pretty much open to anything. We actually got invited to do a local nature walk that was up from Georgia to visit. Thanks to my increasing Photoshop skills, I pulled this together:

Poet's Walk to the tune of "Concerning Hobbits" from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.

For my fellow Lord of the Rings dorks, yes, that's the Shire theme :D

Monday was gonna be a day well spent. I had a cousin in town visiting who'll be shipping out for army training soon, and this was gonna be our last opportunity to see him for months. It was a bittersweet day indeed :( We started off the day by doing some apple picking (they don't call us the empire as in the apple state for nothing)

 See all those little trees up on the left side of that hill? Those are ALL APPLES.

                                             Need I explain more? 

               Little siblings look so cute when they're focused on something.
              Or when they're just walking around, ignorant to the world.

       Somebody was also happy to find an apple worthy of picking at their height :D

 It also helps when they have pumpkins on the farm as well:

           It's also nice when your little sibs will pose for a Kodak moment:


After that, it was another hike at the nature walk I had done the day before. The whole day wrapped up with a nice quiet dinner @ home before goodbyes. A nice end to a nice weekend.

And then this arrived:

And made my whole week :D Music review coming soon?

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