Friday, October 22, 2010

Loosening Up a Little

So my week has been another set of 12 hour work days to get it all done. A lot of work starts to weigh on you after a while. So, when your down, Addisu will turn it 'round:

The Wacky Dancing Boy! from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.

How very appropriate that the little heartbreakaker should like a song called "Break Your Heart." How ironic.

Otherwise, life goes on in a normal fashion. We're still waiting for a travel date to EE, and waiting STINKS. On ice.

I feel more than ready to finally meet this little cutie in person! We're all hungry at least for some new pics and videos of our little princess as well!

I've also been kinda doing something else lately... photography. I am a complete photography junkie.

This is my current camera- Canon A3100 IS.  I swear its the best $150 I ever spent. I use it so much and take so many pictures that I've bought a second battery pack for when I kill the other one :D. I have a serious problem :D. Anyway, I've taken all the photos you see on my blog with it, and I've been trying out some "photography style" angles.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

                          (Yeah, that's an Aslan Figure. No Geekier love :D)

      (only Addisu can rock a ten gallon cowboy hat thats WAY too big for him. Go figure :D)

To round this all out, I think most of us prayer warriors may appreciate this:

Don't blame me if you start cracking up in the middle of your next prayer group if somebody says Hedge of Protection. And DON'T institute it into the Daily Evening Prayer's intercessions (DAD!).

Well, I hope this has helped to relieve any stress you might've had! It's the weekend! I am personally more than ready to relax for a little bit!

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