Friday, October 15, 2010

Music- Yes. What You'd Expect, Not So Much.

Well, I promised a music review, and that's what I'm gonna give. Just with a slight curve ball to the ballgame.

So, as I said in yesterpost, I got this:

The Celtic Thunder: Christmas Album. I don't think I mentioned them on my music page (link is in the sidebar), but I'll give them the plug now. I found out about them about 3 years back when their first recorded concert aired on my local PBS. They're all pretty solid singers and I absolutely adore the presentation, talent, and effort put into their shows. Getting to see them live was the epitome of all that. I was more than happy to get the album that was the second half of the show I saw. and it gave me a good excuse to start listening to Christmas music in October :D. But one of the things I like most about them was also one of the detriments here: the lyrics. There's nothing wrong with them ,it's just all fluffy pop stuff. While one guy is designated the heartbreaking bad boy of the group ("Ryan, cough,cough*"), most of the lyrics are pretty much showbizzy-romance-secular songs. But it leaves something to be desired at the same time. Another good album, but its secular stuff. Love, Santa and Christmas. Not a whole lot of songs devoted to Jesus or the miracle of the Incarnation.

Coincidentally, another album came out that day: this:

My Dad picked up the Deluxe Edition, DVD and all. This COMPLETELY blew Celtic Thunder out of the water. I'll be putting Matthew's Amazon Page in my Music page pretty soon. I found out about him through his smash hit, the Motions. I lived Something to Say, and I was ecstatic to hear about his new album. As God would have it, he's also a friend of my friend Tori over @ Shining City Teens. Go figure. This album is purely fan-inspired. He had all of us fans write in our personal stories to him, and through that, he would take some time off in a cabin in the countryside of Tennessee to write an album based off them. Most of these stories are poignant and personal, and that makes for an album very much that way. The lyrics are all uplifting, even if they start with some heart breaking situations (not explicitly or graphically talked about though). I absolutely LOVE this album. If you're an MW fan, pick it up. If you're not, pick it up as well.

In other news, we are submitted into SDA approval and are awaiting clearance! The clearance this time equals, you guessed it, TRAVELLING! Unfortunately, though, it looks like I might be gone around Christmas time. But for all that, as a friend pointed out, I'll be spending Christmas with Jenny in Eastern Europe. That's awesome.

Eh, maybe fluffy Christmas Music won't be so bad after all.

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