Sunday, September 5, 2010

Absolute Satisfaction

Well, guys my weekend, while not over yet, has been pretty crazy. Lots of mini house improvement projects (i.e. cleaning garages, dumping garbage at garbage dumps, wrestling with Amazon MP3 to let me buy Born Again, the newest Newsboys album, stuff like that. Alright, maybe wrestling with doesn't count as home improvement, but it is music improvement :D) and lots of excercise has tired me out. But this makes it all worth it:

This little guy's happy face when he gets to play baseball in the front yard with his "Cayeb" before bath time.

                                                             So from catching baseballs...

                                                                  To shooting hoops...

                                To being a cheeser and just having fun, a night well spent indeed.

                                             And hey, when your other little brother finds an antique desk on the side of the road for FREE, it makes it all worth it!

(yeah, people, this thing was FREE)

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