Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Weekend Part 2- and Vimeo!

So continuing on my last post (forgive me for not blogging for two consecutive days about two consecutive days), Sunday was a little bit less Crazy than Saturday's "Get down to Dunwoody by 9 leave by 5:30 and follow a tight schedule while there" agenda. That night we had what could be considered a big thing for us Northern Christian Rock fans; Steven Curtis Chapman (check him out in my music page if you don't know him) was going to be performing at a local Assembly of God and was going to be bringing his aspiring musician of a son and his wife who was starting to do public speaking about their tragic accident in which they lost their youngest daughter Maria. The concert was amazing entirely. Caleb (Steven's son) turned out to be amazing, and Mary beth (Steven's wife) gave a great little talk about her journey through this grief and tradgedy that has ensued over the last two years. Check out my video slideshow here (sorry if the sudden audio cut surprises you)

A Night of Music and Hope with the Chapmans 9/12/10 Poughkeepsie NY from Caleb Lococo on Vimeo.

Which brings me to my next thing: Vimeo. This is an awesome little Video service that gets things done and gets 'em done quick. I'm gonna be using it for all of my videos from now on. Besides just being quieter (and hence quicker and easier to deal with than Blogger or Youtube) it's meant to be an Artist's world. You'll be in a much more safe and respectful environment of people than what you may find on Youtube.

More posts are on their way! I've got plenty of blog-related thoughts in my head, and I've got a Celtic Thunder concert/ live recording to see on Friday!

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