Thursday, September 16, 2010

Save Me From Myself

"You Save me, save me from myself, there is no one else, I can lean on. You Save, me, save me from myself, there is no one else to set me free."

Michael W. Smith, "Save me From Myself"

As some of you who are deep into the world of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) may know, one of the top dogs of the buisness, Michael W. Smith, has a new record coming out. Titled "Wonder," it's the first album in a couple years that isn't recorded in a Mega-church with a 200 voice choir backing Michael up. So needless to say some of us are interested what he'll pop out. While the actual album isn't out yet, he has released a single, "Save me From Myself." When I first visited his site and heard it, I was more focused on the kind-of upbeat tone and overall jazz of the music itself. But then I started listening more to the lyrics (the chorus of which is above). As I though about it, it kind of irked me. God created us in our own special personalities for a reason. He doesn't want us to just be drones who are focused on not sinning. But then it occured to me; what if "myself" isn't really all of me?

The lyrics talk about somebody observing the flaws of society and of self. And boy are there a lot. Hearts of stone, wasting days, and more all get their mention in the song. "Alright," I thought. I can see that. Wanting God to "change my ways" (another quote from the lyrics) isn't bad at all. Which only means one thing; myself is the not-so great part of me.

And it all dawned on me; we're God's creature's, right? God's the beauty and all that good stuff, and our Human side supplies our flaws.

For most (including myself) this really seems like child's play. We all know God created us and that, since The Fall, we haven't been 100% perfect. It's not like we haven't heard the Creation story a thousand plus times. But I think Sometimes we forget that we are part Human. We're not all as perfect and scarless as we'd like to be. We do, in fact, need God to save us from ourselves, from our sin. And only God can do that. It's a beautiful thing to realize that he can truly save us from the bad stuff and lead us on the road to Heaven.

Father, save us from ourselves. Once you've set us free, we can do all things through you. 

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