Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Getaway

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to another Cathedral Prep Weekend down at the Seminary. I'm not just happy to be getting down there again and hanging with all of my friends down there, I'm ready for a little getaway.

It's not that I'm tired of being at home or anything, but I'm excited to have some fresh air to breathe. I'm ready to have some quiet time alone with Jesus. To get to be in a place where he so easily stays on my mind all day. I'm happy to be able to laugh with some friends I treasure so much. Besides that, I'll have my little brother's Confirmation on Sunday that will hold plenty of warm moments. This weekend is going to be a time of sanctum for me to regroup and prepare for next week and get a fresh start to things. But on another hand, my mind will always be here: on the crazy things Addisu will do when I have to get him in his Toy Story PJ's, on hearing my Dad playing Guitar, on how soon our adoption will be complete now that we have our Dossier off to Eastern Europe.

There are worries, though, as well. People, do some serious praying. While I haven't heard from them where things are at right now. my dear friends the Hooks are possibly facing and end to their adoption because of a Judge who doesn't like us Americans adopting saving their children from institutionalized misery. My heart is going to crumble if they lose their sweet Evan. I have seen them shed so much blood, sweat and tears working to bring this little girl home. Pray that, if the decision has not been made, that their judge's heart be turned. This will be waying heavily on my mind and heart as  I spend a lot of time in prayer.

All in all though, Im ready for my quiet little room and waking up to the sunlight shining through the trees into the window on Saturday morning. I have no idea what God has planned for me this weekend. Maybe this will be the time whne I finally hear His voice, or maybe I'll have some long-forgotten prayer answered. Its going to be a great little getaway indeed.

"Quiet, stillness, all so intuitive,
 The light that is breaking through.
 The perfect calm, the peace without qualms,
that this is only a temporary thing. 
This peace and this joy, 
Both withot a ploy, 
To block me away from the truth.
Because this is what's real, though it feels surreal
It's just 'cause its God and its Heaven. 
And though my time there, may feel oh so rare,
It is the perfect getaway."

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