Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our God is an Awesome God, he Reigns, from Heaven above, with Wisdom, Power, and Love our God is an awesome God- Rich Mullins, Awesome God

God. He's just awesome. He can turn something tough around, turn your life around, even turn you around for that matter. "He's got the whole world in his hands" as the saying goes. Case in point: Tonight.

I had just gotten back from an amazing Concert with Steven, Caleb, and Mary Beth Chapman (my next set of blogs is my crazy weekend) and was excited after it and kind of tired. I got an E-mail from a friend who has about the HUGEST heart for orphans I know of. She's totally on fire for the cause and works at it with a LOT of persistence. About six months ago, a little bit after we met, she brought a bunch of pictures of kids off and offered them to anyone in her small girl's church group who wanted some cute little special needs kid to pray for. Her leader took one as well. All this time, my friend wasn't sure who had stayed consistent and who hadn't. Well, she was talking with the group leader today and she mentioned she was still praying for that little kid she had picked months ago. My friend asked who it was. It was, indeed,

Our little Jenny.

This is NOT pure coincidence. I am truly amazed at God's sense of humor and providence here. Just as me and my friend were getting to know each other, my mom was praying about adopting again. At that same time, a lady began praying for a little girl with Down Syndrome who didn't have a family. Coincidence? Hardly. It is, without a doubt, without question, without error...

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