Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Eventful Weekend

So friends, forgive me for not blogging sooner. I had intended to do two separate posts about my 2nd eventful weekend in a row, but I got caught up in the craziness of schoolwork, life and craziness itself. But, without me blabbing on about why I wasn't blogging, I'll get on with the show.

Event Number 1: Celtic Thunder Concert. Celtic Thunder was a musical act I found out about approx. 3 years ago when I saw their first special on PBS. I was amazed by them almost instantly. It's five (really six now) guys from Ireland who perform songs either as a group or separately. They're all pretty talented (save one) and whenever they've been, and I quote, "close" like Radio City (a 45 minute car ride and a two hour train ride away) Tickets for back rows alone were about $80-$120. But God provides. I was down in a city about 45 minutes south of me helping my Mom get some Adoption paperwork and I passed the marquee board outside the City's Civic Center and it advertised three words that were matched in Heaven; Celtic Thunder Christmas. Well, it turns out when  I got home and investigated, they were going to be recording their Christmas special down there! Besides the fact it was much closer, the tickets were about half of what Radio City asked for. Needless to say, it was an opportunity a Thunderhead like me was NOT gonna pass up. So on a Friday night in one of the coolest Septembers I can remember, me and my Mom trekked on down and were so excited when..

oh dang it.

Our chairs were literally right behind the camera platform. We could not see a thing. We were seriously bummed. Just as we were about to try and do something, a staff member came out and announced "All seats on the left and right bleacher wings are available if you cannot see from where you are."

Cue the angels: "Ha-le-llujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" Me and my Mom found the perfect seats that gave us a perfect panoramic view of everything. To top it all off, it ended up they were recording not one, but TWO specials. So I celebrated both St. Patrick's Day and Christmas in September. Go figure. :D

I'll give you a slight clip of what they sound like as well:

Now That's some Celtic Thunder!

Now anyway, Part 2: Catholic Underground North! I LOVE Catholic Underground. It's adoration/ Praise and Worship, then a "Coffee House" where the either have someone playing music and then somewhere where everybody can chat. It's become the primary in-between spot for all us Camp Veritasians, and needless to say, there was lots of hugging and happy reunions. Case in point:

We were all pretty happy to see each other. We're the perfect mix of Friends. Ryan is flat out Crazy, Casey and Liz (my sis) are our huggy teddy bears, and Rachael keeps us all from going completely out of our minds when we sometimes would. We all had quite the time goofing off in the Gymnasium of the Church's school. Good times indeed. From big concerts to crazy times with friends, it's all good. 

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